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"Micro MPCs and Macro Counterfactuals: The Case of the 2008 Rebatesby Jacob Orchard, Valerie A. Ramey, and Johannes F. Wieland

NBER Economic Fluctuations and Growth, February 2023

"Do Online Job Postings Capture Job Vacancies" by Michael Dalton, Lisa Kahn and Andreas Mueller

AEA Annual Meetings, January 2023

"Sources of Increasing Earning Inequality: Reconciling Survey and Administrative Data" by John Haltiwanger, Henry Hyatt and James Spletzer

NBER Wage Dynamics in the 21st Century, September 2022

"The International Price of Remote Work" by Agostina Brinatti, Alberto Cavallo, Javier Cravino and Andres Drenik

NBER Summer Institute 2022, International Trade and Macro

"How Unconventional is Green Monetary Policy?" by Melina Papoutsi, Monika Piazzesi and Martin Schneider

Women in Macro, May 2022

"Demographics, Wealth, and Global Imbalances in the Twenty-First Century" by Adrien Auclert, Hannes Malmberg, Frederic Martenet and Matthew Rognlie

NBER Summer Institute 2021, Household Finance and Aging

"Technology and the Size and Composition of Workforce in U.S. Firms: First Evidence from the 2019 Annual Business Survey" by Zolas et al

AEA Annual Meetings, January 2021

"Industries and Increasing Inequality" by John Haltiwanger, Henry Hyatt and James R. Spletzer

AEA Annual Meetings, January 2021


"This Time It's Different: The Role of Women's Employment in a Pandemic Recession" by Tital Alon, Matthias Doepke, Jane Olmstead-Rumsey and Michele Tertilt 

Pandemics and Inequality Conference, October 2020

"Declining Worker Power and American Economic Performance" by Anna Stansbury and Lawrence H. Summers

BPEA Spring 2020 (with written comments)

"The Limits of Forward Guidance" by Jeffrey R. Campbell, Filippo Ferroni, Jonas D. M. Fisher and Leonardo Melosi

Bank of Finland and CEPR Conference, October 2019

Mismatch in Online Job Search" by Martha Gimbel and Tara Sinclair 

Big Data in Macroeconomics Conference, October 2019

Christina Patterson

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